Areas of expertise

The BeeON Solutions suite comprises software adapted to the needs of the emergency, security and management markets. Each application is developed by experts in the relevant field. Our software packages are reliable, flexible, robust, user-friendly and fully integrated into your common-day uses. Explore our range of solutions and discover in which ways these software packages can help you optimize your processes and enhance your productivity!


BeeON Solutions is a leader in the emergency operations industry. We design and develop software products specifically for this market. These tools are respectively BeeON CAD, BeeON Fire RMS, BeeON Police RMS and BeeON Emergency Management. These solutions, which are used nationwide by hundreds of emergency services, can be deployed in large cities or organizations with multiple users in challenging environments, as well as in small municipalities or entities without an IT department.


The BeeON Solutions brand is making a name for itself as a software suite designed to simplify operations management within any administrative unit. We design and develop software products specifically for this market. These include among others BeeON Time and BeeON Paperless Meetings. The former, which can be used in all environments, makes it easier to manage attendance, schedules and timesheets; the latter gives the option to hold work, board or municipal council meetings without using paper, based on efficient automated processes applied for the generation of agendas, records, resolutions, etc. We also offer software packages that effectively manage permits or licences of any kind, requests and enquiries, lost & found and other types of documents.


The BeeON Solutions suite comprises software tools tailored to the specific needs of the security community. We design and develop software products specifically for this market. These solutions offer simplified management of inspections, investigations, hazardous material, emergency preparedness plans, business continuity plans, lost & found, and more. The software packages from the BeeON suite help you enhance the management, operation and conduct of the security services you provide.