BeeON Solutions is a leader in the emergency operations industry. We design and develop software products specifically for this market. These tools are respectively BeeON CAD, BeeON Fire RMS, BeeON Police RMS and BeeON Emergency Management. These solutions, which are used nationwide by hundreds of emergency services, can be deployed in large cities or organizations with multiple users in challenging environments, as well as in small municipalities or entities without an IT department.


CAD Software (Computer Aided dispatch) - BeeON

BeeON CAD (Computer Aided dispatch) Software is a cutting-edge computer-aided emergency dispatch software with advanced tailoring capabilities. Whether handling emergency services dispatch, vehicles dispatch or human resources dispatch, BeeON CAD optimizes the efficiency of your operations. This software has multiple users: schools, ski resorts, water parks, government bodies, etc. Find out more about the core modules of BeeON CAD!

Fire RMS Software - BeeON

BeeON Fire RMS is the most extensive RMS fire software of its kind ever developed when it comes to managing every aspect of a fire department. All modules are entirely integrated and perform, among others, complete management of human resources, inventories, prevention components and emergency-responses. The software also features web and mobile applications offering unmatched field flexibility.

Risk management Software - BeeON

BeeON Risk management Software allows users to create and manage emergency management plans and business continuity plans. This software can also be used to perform event management tasks, in accordance with the established plan and from the situation centre.

Police RMS Software - BeeON

BeeON Police RMS Software encompasses all aspects of the work performed by a police force. The RMS Police software package’s fully-integrated modules perform the comprehensive management of human resources, investigations, violations and offences, event reports, accident reports, and more. Thanks to its web and mobile applications, BeeON Police RMS provides guidance and support to police officers and personnel at all time.

Security Software - BeeON

BeeON Security Software encompasses all components of the security operations carried out by your organization. Whether managing inspections, security rounds, internal investigations, fires or lost items, BeeON Security — thanks to its web and mobile applications — provides you with simple and effective tools that will help you maximize your operations from any workstation or out in the field.

Emergency management Software - BeeON

BeeON Emergency Management Software provides a comprehensive solution for the management of emergency response plans and business continuity plans. This software, which is intended for all types of organizations, was designed and built specifically to address crisis management situations.          

We could not be more satisfied with the service and solution (BeeON Paperless Meetings) we received from your firm. The entire team has worked well. It also displayed a high degree of openness and a clear desire to meet our needs. You have made a difference by modeling outstanding client service.

— Josée Tardiff, Finance Supervisor and Assistant Secretary-treasurer, MRC of Argenteuil