The BeeON Solutions brand is making a name for itself as a software suite designed to simplify operations management within any administrative unit. We design and develop software products specifically for this market. These include among others BeeON Time and BeeON Paperless Meetings. The former, which can be used in all environments, makes it easier to manage attendance, schedules and timesheets; the latter gives the option to hold work, board or municipal council meetings without using paper, based on efficient automated processes applied for the generation of agendas, records, resolutions, etc. We also offer software packages that effectively manage permits or licences of any kind, requests and enquiries, lost & found and other types of documents.


Call Centers Software - BeeON

BeeON Call Centers Software allows users to effectively process and dispatch incoming calls. This software can be fully integrated into BeeON Requests or any other management solution.

Paperless Meetings Software - BeeON

BeeON Paperless Meetings Software enables simple and efficient management of work, board and council meetings. Whether it is for municipal councils, corporate boards or any other types of committees, this software is tailored to your requirements and business environment.      

Files and Projects Software - BeeON

BeeON Files and Projects helps you monitor budget and progress on multiple projects. Municipalities and large organizations alike are often engaged in a number of parallel projects; such a situation may make it difficult to get an overview of projects' progress and budgets.

Time Software - BeeON

BeeON Time Software makes it easy to manage attendance, schedules, collective agreements and absences (vacations and leaves, etc.). This software can also manage the transfer to your payroll system.

Inspection Software - BeeON

BeeON Inspection Software manages the inspection component in any area ofactivity, be it the inspection of premises, of buildings, of hazardous material, or of other elements. With BeeON Inspection, you can create custom forms and predetermined circuits, program alerts, and generate reports and statistics for consultation from a dashboard.

Requests Software - BeeON

BeeON Requests Software gathers, organizes and monitors all actions regarding requests and inquiries to municipalities, institutions or businesses. This software, which includes an integrated schedule, manages the human and non-human resources required to deal with requests and complaints. BeeON Requests can also be used to send automated messages and notifications.