Emergency Management

BeeON Emergency Management is a comprehensive solution for the handling of civil protection and emergency preparedness plans. This software is designed to assist organizations with the management of disasters and crises.                            

This product is included in the following solutions
  • Security
  • Emergency

BeeON Emergency Management makes it possible to enter, update, and view the measures to be adopted in the event of an emergency.

The software is aimed at public service bodies, private businesses and the municipal and institutional markets. Thanks to BeeON Emergency Management, we were able to develop highly efficient applications to manage risks and mobilization (of all prevention workers) for the purposes of preparedness, intervention and recovery, in the event of catastrophes, disasters and other site-specific hazards.

Additionally, we help you prepare your emergency management plans and assist you with risk inventory.

Finally, you can enjoy our secure facilities and use these as your backup or remote coordination site.

Management of agreements  

  • Information update portal
  • Management of organizations
  • Contact persons
  • Types of agreements
  • End-of-agreement notification

 Public alert notification

  • Interface with automatic calling machines
  • Public alert notification across various channels, including e-mail, SMS, etc.

Emergency response personnel

  • Management of resources
  • Management of emergency response personnel
  • Management of volunteers
  • Human resources directory


  • Products
  • View of inventories
  • Management of minimum quantities

 Intervention plans

  • Development of scenarios
  • Task management (before, during and after a disaster)
  • Development and management of emergency plans
  • Preventive measures

 Development of intervention scenarios

  • Management of actions to be taken
  • Mission
  • Prioritization of actions
  • Link between the agreements, the inventory and the contacts

 Addresses and contacts

  • Building management
  • Interface with the assessment roll
  • Counting of disaster victims
  • Counting of persons with a mobility impairment

Management of identified risks

  • Management of foreseeable impacts
  • Foreseeable effects

 Hazardous material

  • CANUTEC guidebook
  • List of placards
  • Hazardous material related to addresses
  • Fact sheets

 (Building) data collection

  • Information collection on available buildings for use in case of disasters (schools, hospitals, group lodging facilities, etc.)
  • Search engine
  • Mapping

Situation centre

  • Running of scenarios
  • Logging of security actions
  • Reminders and memos
  • Dashboard


  • Return of evacuees
  • Administration of directives
  • Management of forms

Management of disaster victims

  • Counting of disaster victims
  • Management of group lodging facilities

 Process of going over the event that occurred

  • Logging report of communications
  • Logging report on the actions taken
  • Event reporting

 Activities and calendar

  • Activities carried out during and after a disaster
  • Scheduling of the tasks by personnel member
  • Generation of reminders (pop-ups or e-mail)

General functionality options

  • Automatic generation of an emergency plan
  • Automatic generation of a business continuity plan


  • Complete system operation in offline mode
  • System operation in local mode or Web mode
  • Compatible with tablets et mobile devices

Contacts Directory

  • Reminders to update contact details
  • Search
  • Classification

 Compatible interfaces

  • BeeON Fire RMS or other solutions
  • G.O.LOC location and data services or other possibilities
  • Assessment roll or other data sources

 Documentation centre

  • Management of department documents
  • File sharing with access rights
  • Document sharing with access rights
  • Document management
  • Forms management
  • Meetings management
  • Notification when new documents are added


  • Interface with G.O.LOC location and data services and other mapping solutions
  • Occurrence location information
  • Use among city officials
  • Use in the institutional environment
  • Use in the government environment
  • Other environments