Business Continuity Management Software (BCM) - BeeON

BeeON Business Continuity Management Software (BCM) provides a comprehensive solution for the management of emergency response plans and business continuity plans. This software, which is intended for all types of organizations, was designed and built specifically to address crisis management situations.

- Function

- Business impacts analysis (BIA)

- Activity

- Business continuity plans

Preparation tasks




Internal dependencies (Function, department)

External dependencies (Suppliers)


Telephone Systems

- Strategies - Loss of sites

- Strategies - Loss of employees

- Strategies - Loss of applications

- Strategies - Loss of suppliers

- Strategies - Loss of equipments

- Exercices / Activations

- Observations and findings

- Corrective measures

- Approval process

- Approval request BIA

- Approval request Business continuity plans

- Approval request Exercises

- Alerts and notifications