Fire RMS Software - BeeON

BeeON Fire RMS is the most extensive RMS fire software of its kind ever developed when it comes to managing every aspect of a fire department. All modules are entirely integrated and perform, among others, complete management of human resources, inventories, prevention components and emergency-responses. The software also features web and mobile applications offering unmatched field flexibility.

Explore the core modules of BeeON Fire RMS and see why hundreds of fire departments of all sizes have made it their choice of solution. These modules are:

  • Prevention
  • Mobile prevention
  • Inventory, vehicles and equipment
  • Requests and inquiries
  • Staff training and development
  • Work clothing credit
  • Availability
  • Response plan
  • Intervention
  • Determination of the cause and circumstances of the fire
  • Fire hydrant
  • Hazardous material
  • Time and pay management
  • Vehicle workstation
  • Documentation centre
  • Schedule
  • Control centre
  • Emergency


Projects progressing on time and at planned cost are scarce. A structured process enabled us to complete implementation successfully. Several opportunities for distance learning are available. We offer users a very flexible schedule that minimizes the travel burden and the time constraints. The close collaboration between the parties involved allows for adequate follow-up of activities, and makes itpossible to reajust the target in due course, if appropriate. At every reference point of time, we've got it all worked out. We create a no-surprise environment. The easy-to-use BeeON Fire RMS system means greater autonomy. With little effort, we managed, internally, to create multiple custom templates, in order to suit an entire range of needs.

— Implementation of the fire prevention module in the city of Blainville -- A great experience!