Police RMS Software - BeeON

BeeON Police RMS Software encompasses all aspects of the work performed by a police force. The RMS Police software package’s fully-integrated modules perform the comprehensive management of human resources, investigations, violations and offences, event reports, accident reports, and more. Thanks to its web and mobile applications, BeeON Police RMS provides guidance and support to police officers at all time.

Consult the product info sheet (PDF)

Explore the core modules of BeeON Police RMS software and see for yourself why it is the most flexible and adapted software for police departments. These modules are:

  • Event reports
  • Investigations
  • Work clothing credit
  • Time and pay management
  • Accident report
  • Staff training and development
  • Vehicle workstation
  • Documentation centre
  • Inventory, vehicles and equipment
  • Lost & found
  • Violation and offence management
  • Database of individuals
  • Evidence and exhibits
  • Arrests
  • Emergency