Whistleblowing Reporting System

The whistleblowing reporting system from ICO Technologies makes it possible for users to disclose ethical wrongdoing that they have witnessed or experienced via a public website.

The software lets users indicate whether or not they want to make their contact data available. In addition, the whistleblowing reporting platform enables messages and data to be exchanged under strict confidentiality provisions.

The application management environment provides users with the ability to configure multiple types of ethical wrongdoing (actions or events) that may be reported via the portal.

In addition to reporting and statistics, the system can generate event reports.

The universally accessible software (no authentication needed) is aimed at users who want to report ethical wrongdoing anonymously and confidentially.

However, it should be noted that access to management functionality is restricted to authorized personnel with appropriate rights.

The reporting system operates in SaaS mode or in hosted mode, and the exchange of information is secure.


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Public whistleblowing portal

Portal for the management of private reporting

Anonymous and confidential data exchange

Monitoring ofethical wrongdoing (actions and events)

Management of those having access rights to file reporting monitoring

Management of filed report assignment

Management of filed report processing

Database of individuals

Vehicles database

Detailed logging of private portal access

Reporting and statistics

Added fields to facilitate event management according to need